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Works from exhibitions in 22gallery


Call sign "Biocosmist". Mixed media.

A conceptually poetic sum of minimalist poems. Messages, reflections, parting words and sighs of life of a surrealistic sense. The artist comprehends the tradition of the biocosmist poets through his personal experience of modernity. Adhering to the foundations laid down: Bios is life. Space is order and a place for life. In this vein, I would like to see biocosmism as the basis of integrity and all-connectedness. One of the goals in the artist's manifesto is to try to take the poetry of biocosmists beyond poetry. In this work, poems are depicted in isolation from their tradition of being placed on paper.  

Object, participant of the exhibition "Follow the wind of cosmic dust".


Imprints of the moment.  

The diptych consists of an upper canvas called "Prints" and a lower "Instant". Canvas prints stamps like brush strokes. Imprints bearing symbolic signs of the past, as a memory of the routine daily events of the Fazatron Research Institute. One of the results of the institute's activities turned out to be part of what is depicted on the lower canvas "Instant". The plane is depicted as a collage application, not reliable and temporary, reminding that not everything is eternal, neither processes nor results. Only memory remains.

X olst, participant of the "Point on the Map" exhibition.

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