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Aesthetic Research Laboratory X2


Exhibition project No. 1 "Aesthetics of hybrid surfaces"


The purpose of the laboratory's research is to analyze the artist's vision and the viewer's perception in the field of relationships that determine the understanding of various forms of art.


Initially, aesthetics is a philosophical category looking for a definition of the nature of art, as well as necessary and sufficient properties that explain what art is and its difference from everything else.


Maurice Witz in his essay "The Role of Theory in Aesthetics" structurally disassembled examples from the formal, sensual, ideological, intuitive, detached to their various combinations. Therefore, we will not consider Kant and Hegel separately. The intentions to use the framework turned out to be untenable. Probably the most devastating for the theory was the realization that the criteria that aesthetics wants to operate with in relation to art also apply to other aspects of human life. This makes it difficult to separate art from other things with aesthetic parameters. Arthur Danto cites the example of Duchamp, who with an anti-aesthetic gesture in his work "The Fountain" shows that art in general may not have any aesthetic norms and definitions.


Contemporary art has long abandoned the identity between aesthetics and beauty, but at the same time it constantly uses the concept of aesthetic or anti-aesthetic to define itself. Sometimes works of contemporary art are so complex and incomprehensible that aesthetics remains perhaps the only instrument for perception for the viewer.


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