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Exhibition "Synthetic coincidences"

Concatenations of probabilities and a set of intentions lead to the birth of new phenomena. Coincidence, like the anticipation of exciting events. Deja vu charged with creative experience. Nonrandom accidents.

We live and create realizing that contemporary art is in constant active change. Our creative task is to define what it is today and understand its relationship to philosophy, technology, science, literature, politics, modernity, past and future. The path of synthetic coincidence is to reveal the relationship between different methodologies and styles in art.

Our goal is to analyze the connections between different realities, expressed through artistic practices, in order to see the world in a new way and comprehend it, to reveal the invisible with the codes of the coming modernity. Be aware of how place and time affect us in order to direct our energy towards transforming space and transforming temporality.

We are the reflected echo of past and future events. We are the atoms of modernity, floating in space to create a flexible and sustainable system for working with art and the audience.


Curators: Irina Gulyakina, Roman Konovalov.


Artists: Azartsova Nastya, Andreeva Arisha, Baidakov Konstantin, Bakhareva Svetlana, Grigoriev Anton, Grishechkina Inna, Gulyakina Irina, Demina Svetlana, Zhuravleva Vika, Imass Toma, Kvasova Katya, Konovalov Roman, Lazareva Irina, Muntyan Artyom, Stemmir Shabalina Nastya, Shmakova Elena, Sholokhova Elena.

Artist Roman Konovalov. Work, sculptural object  "Point of view", 2020

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