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Somewhere between the compost and the spaceport

On September 7, 2021, the exhibition “Somewhere between compost and a spaceport” was opened, in which the artist Roman Konovalov and the artist Irina Gulyakina created a space for dialogue between dreams of other worlds and planets and the earthiness of the human body, in its need to co-exist with others species.

In this seemingly impossible connection, the authors invite the viewer to synthesize what he saw and identify obvious or not so obvious connections.

A person born with a body on earth looks at the sky from century to century. The horizontal of carnal existence is always adjacent to the vertical of the conscious striving for the sublime. Climb to look beyond the horizon, and even higher so that the line dissolves into the cosmic ether. And again sink to the ground to feel all its salt.


Shapers are the builders of the future. Space pioneers of distant galaxies.

Cosmo-futurism is a trend in art that combines ideas of the future with cosmic thinking with the help of various mediums.


What is it?

Collection from the glyptotek of the future.

Cosmofuturism models.

Simulacra of our time.

Inspirators of the form.

Space abstraction.


About what?

About a thought close to light.

Knowing no barriers and flying through space, far, far away. Through strings, through holes, gates, passages. The place where quanta, fields, ether and frequencies will allow us to understand the structure of the universe.

The Manifesto of the Shapers.  

Idea form.

The form of thought.

Life form.

Body shape.

House shape.

Meeting form.

Target shape.

Port shape.

The shape of the look.

A form of faith.

Data form.

Cube shape.

And sculpture.

Form of movement.

Dialogue form.

The shape of the planet.

Perception form.

Animal shape.

Plant shape.

The form of science.

An art form.

The shape of the fragments.

The form of aspiration.

Management form.

Storage form.

Form of aesthetics.

The form is new.

Content form.

The shape of the future.

Form molders.



Containers of forms.

Platform projectors.

Creators of culture.

Space Ur pilots.

They are conquerors. Shapers.

Children of the future.


Collectors of life forms.

DNA modulators.

The inventors of the living.

Planets designers.

Gate constructors.

Giving way. They.

Molding connectors.

Shapers are artists.

Shapers engineers.

Shapers are friends.

I will be next to them.



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