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Exhibition "Metaphysical copies" in the gallery "Surface Lab Art", Moscow

The exhibition presents abstract painting, which is a metaphor for the hidden nature of the image. Through individual geometric parts of the picture or its entire shape, the viewer can discover a work previously created by another artist. Deconstructing famous works of art, Konovalov invites the viewer to take a fresh look at the images they convey. One of the works explores the effect of contemplating the divided and the ability of the disconnected to be self-sufficient.
Revealing the materiality of the image, the artist encourages us to feel and aesthetically experience a different experience that is different from the one contained in the original image. This is an attempt to find out the inner essence of the image and understand whether we can look differently at what we previously knew.

Konovalov conveys the inner state of the painting through visual rhetoric. How emotionally charged is the work? How does she manipulate our attention and impression through color and mass of shapes? Could some new truth be revealed through the senses and visual optics? Thus, by transferring plastic form and color, we learn how a copy of reality affects the perception of an artistic image.

Exhibition curator: Ekaterina Charkina

Exposition and works:

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