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In the light of a pulsar


Light and sound installation of a conceptual nature. In its composition, the main biomorphic sculpture mythically illuminates the cosmo-futuristic view of the ships-organisms that will make it possible to make long space travel. The artist imagines how the future achievements of science will be able to cross living organisms with the inanimate matter of human technologies. And the ships "Ura" will be born, capable of moving in space due to the frequencies of the light of the suns and stars. Invisible radiation of stars, as energy for active movement in space.


Art makes it possible for a person to experience and realize his attitude to the statement inherent in the work. Taking into account the influence of fantastic views in the project, I would like to explain their effective power in the form of speculative images. When the potential for creating stories and the ability of artists to materialize their ideas in the form of objects and processes of art is for the viewer a mechanism for starting the construction of the world. It is based on ideas, values and beliefs that are different from the real situation. However, whether they are better or worse, they are thought-provoking. Material objects created by artists by inventors are the starting points for the birth of fantasies and thoughts on given topics, they do not claim to be "real" and do not reflect "reality". Their goal is to present new ideas, thoughts and opportunities for an alternative world to where we exist.

Khodynka Gallery. 2020

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